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Wedding Poems at Wedding Ideas

Personalized wedding poem for the bride & groom
Improvised poems for your guest's entertainment!

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"You did an amazing poem about the Titanic and SpongeBob...
Wow!...Thank you for that special moment!"

Your Wedding Poet as Entertainmant

Will provide exciting and unique wedding entertainment!

Dressed in a Victorian Era costume, children and adults are drawn into a world of poetic creativity. Based on word(s) and phrase(s) provided by guests, right before their very eyes (and ears), a unique, unexpected, improvised poetry performance will appear.

"Thank you for the poem about parkour and lithography and Nepal, You're amazing!"

"I thought you were reciting a Shel Silverstein poem." -Mom

"Thank you so much for doing what you do. I love it."

"Hey you rocked our world Amy. Thank you for the mash-up improv rhymed poem!" -Joe R.

"Oh my SO rocked that poem...that was an ABSOLUTE hoot!" -Jo B.

"THANK YOU!!! I just watched the video (of poem) and I'm cracking up again. I love the ending and
Anytime I need a good laugh I'm going to watch this."

"Thank you so much! That was the highlight of my night..." -Maggie S.

"Thank you for helping to place big smiles on our faces!" -Jay

"Thanks for the great poem you gave for Teddy!" -Sally and Teddy

"Thank you so much for doing what you do. I love it." -Michael Joseph P.

" it! An amazing improv performance...thank you!" -Mark

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