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I have been writing poems since I was a little girl. In school when the teachers became boring or lectured about depressing subjects instead of taking notes, I would write poetry, prose and theatrical stories in the margins of my notebook. I also loved the theatre and started acting at a very young age.

After graduating from New York University with a degree in drama, I have toured coast to coast in the Untied States and Canada with both my autobiographical one-person play and more recently performing poetry. And I am grateful to report that my book "Poetry for All Those Breathing" has sold over 5000 copies.

I love touching people's hearts with poems, watching them smile, laugh and sometimes cry. Feel free to call me or email with any questions you may have about my poetry and how I can help make your wedding day even more amazing.

You can also request poems for engagements, anniversaries, love poems, events and anything else your heart desires.

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